On an unrelated note… (and some updates)

I always told myself not to post anything unrelated to Actionscript or music, but this time I’ll just have to make an exception to that rule, because I’d like to introduce two new inhabitants of my apartment. Meet Flash and Bundy, the two feline hellraisers that have taken up residence with me and, in the process, are well on their way of destroying every single thing I own ;) (Pictures below)

Cats aside, I’ve been working regularly on Wick3d since I got back from holidays and I hope I can post some interesting stuff soon. So keep an eye out for it :)

And while I’m updating, I might as well start plugging. Check out one of Nascom’s recent projects, for which I had to do the particle stream in the background: www.fullhd.be. Fun times :D

3 thoughts on “On an unrelated note… (and some updates)

  1. THAT’S impressive! I love how the particles repel back to the stream differently on every mouse out from the five circular links. VERY COOL!

    Also, those are adorable kitties. Watch out for those power cables, though……they make GREAT chew toys!

  2. Cheers!
    Not to mention the dozens of audio cables lying around :D Luckily, they don’t seem interested in those yet, but prefer to sink their claws into my feet…

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