Speaking at Reasons to be Creative 2015

Reasons to be CreativeHey there!

A quick update to plug the fact that I’ll be speaking again at Reasons to be Creative in Brighton, September 7 to 9! As it’s one of my all-time favourite events, I’m stoked to be representing the real-time 3D graphics programming crowd (while being incredibly humbled by the other names on the bill)!

What can you expect from my talk? I haven’t settled on a topic for a full 100% yet, but if you follow my blog or have seen some of my previous talks, you should have an idea. Obviously, you can expect real-time 3D in some form or another. I’m playing with some ideas, but if anyone who’s coming has a specific request, I can try and incorporate it into the talk. If not, it’ll always be a good subject to talk about over a couple beers at night! :)

In any case, I’ll keep this post updated once I’ve submitted my session description, so check back later!

Hope to see you there!

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