Wick3d source available + MD2 animated model demo

Aah, finally :) I’ve been spending a large part of my free time working on Wick3d, and I’ve arrived to the point where I wouldn’t mind people looking at the source (link at the bottom of the post). I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: looking at it and experimenting with it is encouraged, but actually using it for a project is looking for trouble – it’s in no state to be used as such ;) My to do list just keeps on growing, but at least there’s some useful functionality.

Main things updated:

  • Major performance boost and improvement in render pipeline flow.
  • Very basic Collada support (only single objects, no hierarchic structures; buggy).
  • Animated MD2 mesh support (Quake 2 models, etc.)
  • Improved transformations: Support for Euler angles (yaw/pitch/roll), lookAt, camera target …
  • (Animated) DisplayObjectMaterial
  • Added more Primitive models

Some things you’ll find in the source aren’t used (yet), and some things might be refactored completely. Feel free to drop requests or remarks, I can always use a reason or tips to work on it ;)

Also linked below is a demonstration of the MD2 animated model support (MD2 is the file format used by f.e. Quake II). The model might take a bit to load, but it’ll show up eventually :)

To close off, I’ll be abroad for 2 weeks in a few days, so it might take long for comments to get approved.


7 thoughts on “Wick3d source available + MD2 animated model demo

  1. Hahaha, just found your site. Make mr Wick3d run back and forth is too much fun. Very nice!
    (Just learning ActionScript, your code is very nicely presented. Thank you.)

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