Putting my Helix 3D engine code online (JS/WebGL)

It’s been a while! Over the past couple of years, I’ve been working off and on (and more off than on) on a playground 3D engine called Helix. Starting as a WebGL port of a personal C++ engine I did and after rewriting it umpteen times, it ended up being a platform I do like to play around with. Also, the term “for shits and giggles” comes to mind.

At this point, it comes with a long list of disclaimers. It’s not optimised very much, the API is probably a bit different from what you’d expect, and most importantly: I made it for me, not you ;) I have no interest or motivation to compete with existing 3D engines and offer support for things that I’m not personally working on myself.

But in the spirit of sharing, I decided to make the code public. This way, I can more easily put some shader experiments online and as such it may serve an educational purpose. (Much like my Flash-based engine “Wick3d” from 10 years ago ;) )

Anyway, code and some documentation is here:

And some examples as coded by a coder (not all are optimised):

Some for desktop only (using WASD + mouse interaction), not optimised at all!

And finally, a tongue-in-cheek nod to my partners in crime Frank Reitberger and Nicolas Barradeau!

But more about those guys at some other time soon :)


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