Celebrating 10 years of Sony VAIO in Papervision3D

After a couple months of work, Nascom‘s latest big project for Sony Vaio was able to go live, celebrating Vaio’s 10th anniversary. To read all the grubby details about it, you can check the full blog post at Nascom.

It was a blast working on this project, mainly because it gave me a chance to solve some interesting math-related problems, which tapped right into my main interests as a programmer. Especially custom collision detection paired wall sliding in a game-like manner, and optimising paths generated by an A* algorithm. As A* is tile-based, I needed to remove superfluous nodes by checking intersections between extreme nodes with the map and iterate backwards from there to create a shorter and more natural path. Good times!

Cheers to all people involved at Nascom, as well as to Ralph, who helped us a lot with some invaluable input on do’s and don’ts of papervision, performance tweaks, …, to be able to get most out of it. So cheers, man ;)

To close up, just take a peek and a poke here: http://club.vaio.sony.co.uk/clubvaio/gb/en/vaio10/ . Enjoy!

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