A George divided against itself cannot stand!

georgeFor over 3 years now, I’ve been employed as an “interaction developer” at Nascom, focused on – what else – developing for the Flash platform. Since some time, however, I’ve been growing increasingly restless. Introspection was unavoidable, leading to one resounding conclusion: it’s time for a change.

Fact is, what I found myself doing on a daily basis at work is not something I fully enjoy any more, and it was definitely not why I started programming a long time ago. This opposed to what I do in my free time, the result of which can be seen on this blog. Trying to do both has caused me doing little else than sit behind my computer screen, coding away for entire days. So, I’ve decided to leave Nascom to pursue a carreer as an independent developer starting mid-June. Focused on graphics programming, I can shift what I love to do to a healthier part of the day. Or at least, that’s the plan ;-)

It was great to be a part of Nascom and work alongside so many talented people. Both from a human and a technical perspective, I still believe it’s the best digital agency in Belgium. Thanks for having me, guys!

10 thoughts on “A George divided against itself cannot stand!

  1. David, it was a thrill working with you. I hope you will find the new/bigger challenges you’re after. People! Give this guy your biggest mind-benders. That’s where he thrives ;-)

  2. all I can say: If you are looking for someone to push the boundaries of Flash, david is your man.
    Good luck!

  3. Congratulations and good Luck!
    I hope to see more blog posts in the future.. although it often turns out that you have less time as a freelancer than as an employee.

  4. I wish you every success.
    It’s exciting working as a freelancer, not sure it makes you work 9-5 though. In the summer it’s more like 7-11 in the morning, off to the beach, then 7-11 at night. Works for me :)

    Good luck!

  5. If you did all this in your spare time, it scares me of what you’re gonna do with all the free time coming your way… :S
    Go get them!! Best of luck with your new modality.

  6. although i dont coment so much, im always reading something here. I would like to desire a good look for you! go rock!


  7. having done the same lately, I dare say it was a good choice.

    be aware thouhg, that from mid-june on, you’ll have to double(triple?) your work time, coffee consumption and dig in your skills so deep your brain will fry :)

    be sure that your skills are in great demand, all the best for your last months at nascom.

  8. Hi. I am one of your follower. I am happy for this decision. But sadly this is the general end of a flash developer right? One of my time i am a flash developer one of the best agency in Turkey but i left there with the same reasons like you. Now i am a freelancer and i menage myself and i am so happy because i earn much and walk with myself. I guaranty that you will never regretful for this decision mate. Take Care :)

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