The Away3D “dev” Branch

If you’ve been following the updates on the Away3D blog, you’ll have noticed the updated roadmap mentioning the dev branch on Github. This branch is basically where we’re working to get things towards Beta, so take a look if you’re curious to see where we’re headed. I personally advise anyone to use this branch if…


A George divided against itself cannot stand!

For over 3 years now, I’ve been employed as an “interaction developer” at Nascom, focused on – what else – developing for the Flash platform. Since some time, however, I’ve been growing increasingly restless. Introspection was unavoidable, leading to one resounding conclusion: it’s time for a change. Fact is, what I found myself doing on…


A heartbeat, some books, and an IDE

Ouch! My last post has almost been 5 months ago! Realizing this, I had two options: to feign my own death until the next update, or to give some sign of (what for me passes as) life. Let’s go with the second option and see if there’s anything useful I can pass on anyway. Not…


One year later: a short retrospective

The first post on this blog dates from May 4th, 2008, so I thought it fitting to look back at the year that has passed since then. Over the time I’ve done some experiments/projects that, when I look back at them, make me think “What was I thinking?!”. On the other hand, there are luckily a few…


I’m like, well hip.

After a long time of scepticism and critique, my colleagues have finally persuaded me to join Twitter. This phase of scepticism is pretty normal for me when it concerns the embarassingly public social side of the web [2.0 if you will]. As such, I still don’t have a Facebook account, that at least is still…