More Fresnel fun in Away3D: through the looking glass

As a continuation of an earlier post, here’s a variation of the Fresnel Pixel Bender material. Still obviously inspired by Bartek‘s Unity3D shader, it became a glass material with support for chromatic aberration (what causes the rainbow effect in refracted light). The result could come in handy in some situations, so I thought I’d share and…


Fresnel reflective shading with Away3D

Finally, something new! But no, it’s not any of the bigger things I’ve been hinting at before. However, I’ve been hard at work at those (and other) projects for months, and ended up with tunnel vision and an annoying rut. I really needed to do something smaller again for some immediate visual fun. When Bartek…


More Stok3d: Parallax mapping & Water shading

Today’s update on Stok3d is perhaps not as useful as the previous post, but I certainly had fun working on it. Or as we say in Dutch with a word blatantly stolen from German: it’s “spielerei”. Demos: I’m going to post the demos first this time. Saves you some scrolling effort, because the explanations below…