Another Take on Skin Rendering

It’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post about something I’ve played around with just for the heck of it.  With Away3D 4.1 Alpha pushed out yesterday, I decided to spend the day revisiting an old friend: skin rendering. Remember the blog post of skin rendering when Away3D 4 was still codenamed Broomstick…


Multi-pass Rendering and Cascaded Shadow Mapping

If you’ve been paying attention to the Away3D blog, you probably already know that the 4.1 alpha has been released today, which has been my main fixation since September (when I wasn’t getting radiation poisoning). As mentioned in the release post, one of the new features is “multipass shading”. If you’re not into 3D rendering programming,…


Away3D 4.1 (dev) Dynamic Reflections

One of the features we considered important for the next release of the Away3D engine (4.1) were real-time dynamic reflections, allowing for more realism and precision than the common static environment maps. In the dev branch of the engine, you can now find two flavours: reflections based on dynamic environment maps, and planar reflections. Dynamic Environment Maps…


Speaking at Reasons to be Creative 2012!

Oh boy, it shames me to see my last post has already been from December last year! Not that I haven’t been keeping busy; some binned personal projects, some that aren’t quite “there” yet, and a 3-month stint near San Francisco (what a city!). So yes, I’m happy to have a reason for another update,…


Convolution Light Probes in Away3D 4.0

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the dev branch of Away3D 4.0 now has light probes. Light probes are essentially a special sort of light source that contain global lighting info for the scene location they’re placed at, encoded as cube maps. For diffuse lighting, these cube maps are simply indexed by the surface…