I’m like, well hip.

After a long time of scepticism and critique, my colleagues have finally persuaded me to join Twitter. This phase of scepticism is pretty normal for me when it concerns the embarassingly public social side of the web [2.0 if you will]. As such, I still don’t have a Facebook account, that at least is still one of the few waning values to which I desperately cling.

Anyway, in this particular case, I’ve always considered Twitter a pointless and exhibitionistic medium. I still think it’s pretty pointless at times, but so far I must admit I’m having fun, and I guess that’s the point after all.

I’m out there. I’m prostituting myself. [ and annoying the hell out of people in the process.¬†]

In other news, battling a sleeping disorder can be pretty exhausting, and as a result I haven’t been able to be very productive in my spare time. Things are shaping up, however, and I’ve found some new inspiration for some experiments. I’ve pushed Wick3d to the back shelf for a bit, as it’s not the area I feel like exploring¬†right now. Some more 2D dynamics/sims perhaps? … :)

6 thoughts on “I’m like, well hip.

  1. Your bastion of solitude is under attack, soon you will be flooded by coonscrotums on a variety of social waste websites.

  2. Ha, I’m the same way; no Facebook, no MySpace, no Twitter. If I were to finally conform and join one, it would be Twitter as well. We’ll see how much longer I can resist the peer pressure… :-)

  3. Spiri: Sure, in your own way :p

    Bart: Coonscrotums, eh? *joins facebook, netlog, linkedIn*

    Ryan: Respect :D You’re still living the dream I couldn’t! :D

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